Little Alien

At age 9-ish, I had to laugh and laugh when I heard the joke

Q: Have you heard the one about the bed?
A: It hasn’t been made up yet.

The thing is, you could have replaced the word “bed” with “snake” or “cloud” or “tropical storm” and it would have been just as hilarious to me because I didn’t get the pun of it, so for me the punchline was just “This joke doesn’t exist yet.”

*Sigh* Life was massively more surreal and psychedelic when I was a little alien (i.e., a little-bit-too-smart-for-my-age kid) and didn’t have context for a lot of things yet, so everything was just random (and therefore hilarious) most of the time. Ignorance truly was bliss.


Encounters, pt.2

In the first part of this weekly mini-series (which you can still find, here), I revealed my current obsession with finding more interesting, transformative ways for people to access/ come into contact with the art they consume. I’ll get into what that might specifically look like, with relation to my music, in next week’s email!

Meanwhile, I promised some inspiration from Mad Men’s Don Draper:

'Hurry up with my damn croissants.' ~ Don Draper

    Wait… no!
That’s not right! Let’s try again:

'If you dont' like what is being said, change the conversation.' ~ Don Draper Continue reading