Attack of the Squares!

Please note that for the purpose of this post, I’m using the word “square” to mean “square or rectangle” – any plane with 4 sides and 4 right-angled corners. I prefer the way “square” rolls off the tongue and I also appreciate that it represents “Earth” in the Chinese way of thought (something I’ll touch on at the end of this post.)

I had a pretty intense week, and part of this had to do with squares. Squares are everywhere and when you start to see them, it’s hard not to be a little irritated. What’s that you say? It’s *not* hard for you to not be irritated by squares? You mean one’s irritation is a direct reflection of something going on inside herself rather than the object of that irritation alone? Do tell! I’ve realized that squares are just the symbol my mind latched onto in order to call my attention, once again, to an ongoing issue that floats around my consciousness… the issue of FORMAT. Squares serve me as a metaphor for structures and formats through which we receive stories and information. I said something last week to that effect on Facebook, actually:

Ever thought about how visual-based news and entertainment (reading/ watching) comes to you off/ out of a rectangle? Always always. Audio-based news and entertainment is only shaped by the 4th dimension (time). It’s all around you. I think it’s important to appreciate and place value on our ability to experience the world in an auditory way for many reasons, but this is a majorly forgotten one: it’s good to take a break from rectangle-mode.

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Encounters, pt.2

In the first part of this weekly mini-series (which you can still find, here), I revealed my current obsession with finding more interesting, transformative ways for people to access/ come into contact with the art they consume. I’ll get into what that might specifically look like, with relation to my music, in next week’s email!

Meanwhile, I promised some inspiration from Mad Men’s Don Draper:

'Hurry up with my damn croissants.' ~ Don Draper

    Wait… no!
That’s not right! Let’s try again:

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