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Encounters, pt.3

I received the coolest email from one of my readers about last week’s musings on “changing the conversation.” I’d like to share something she said:

“Sound has impact- is quite literally impact- energy moving matter around. I believe that changing my words/tone/intentionality, changes the essence of me. What resources I fostered, what I put in my heart, including the sound of my own words, is revealed by what comes out of me, so it’s kind of cyclically causal, you know?”

I just thought that was cool food for thought. If either of my last 2 emails got away from you, you can still read them here (pt 1) and here (pt2). Now it’s time for part 3!

Today I’ve got a BIG announcement for you.

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Apparently it’s #PORTRAITNOVEMBER on Twitter…

I’m delighted to see the synchronicity of “#portraitnovember” happening on twitter at the same time I’m prepping a portrait-centric event to help illustrate and celebrate my new single, “Theater of Mirrors.”

At the risk of becoming redundant, I want to ask again:

Portraits reflect both subject and portrayer, but where does one end and the other begin? Where does your vision of me veer off slightly from whatever the “real” me is? And how do we know that is the actual real me, and that your vision of me isn’t actually more real even yet?

My party on 15 November has been designed to explore that question, not only with regard to me as subject, but the audience as subject, as well.

I’m painting “the world as I see it (and that includes y-o-u),” within the framework of this release part and through the lyrics + general vibe of the song (soulful, trippy pop produced by brilliant Grammy-winner Michael Leonhart, a member of my all-time fave band, Steely Dan. And yeah, you’re welcome that I selected such brilliant colours and a great brush to paint you with 😉 )

At the same time, part of my party includes “me as the world sees me.” And like a mirror aimed at another mirror, this is bound to create a bit of a feedback loop. If you spend too long trying to differentiate source from reflection, subject from portrayer… well, that feedback loop could maybe drive a person a little crazy.

At a certain point you ask yourself, “Is this driving me crazy? Or am I behind all the crazy-making, myself? Wait, what happens if I… stop trying to decipher what’s what?” Eventually, you throw your hands up and say, “Wow, I actually don’t give a damn what’s right and wrong anymore. I just wanna be friends with the world. We’re all just trying to do our grocery shopping and get home to eat.”

And so, for this music-based artist, the seemingly narcissistic act of commissioning a dozen portraits of myself has had the auspicious side-effect of sending my ego out the window.

ANNOUNCEMENT : Theater of Mirrors release party!

In a room FULL of MIRRORS, of course: Kinki Academy, Hannie Dankbaarpassage 43, Amsterdam (in ‘de Hallen’ just off Kinkerstraat) (Click for map.)

It’s FREE! And you get a FREE download of the new single, and you get FREE beer.

This is a multi-media art exhibit and live performance
to welcome the new G.T. Thomas single, “Theater of Mirrors” (produced by Grammy-winner Michael Leonhart, known for his collaborations with Steely Dan, Yoko Ono, and David Byrne & St. Vincent)! In addition to performing the song for you, I’ve designed an entire program to immerse you fully INSIDE THE SONG. (It starts promptly at 8:30pm, so you won’t want to wander in late!) I can guarantee you’ve never been to a shindig like this before. Here’s a taste of what else will be involved:

  • Portraiture by local and global artists
  • A one-of-a-kind photo op
  • Hair
  • Mirrors
  • Intentional people-watching
  • Self-reflection
  • Elbow-rubbing with some of Amsterdam’s hippest
  • Anonymous FIB (“First Impressions Booth”)
  • An opportunity to be one of the FIRST people to sign up to gain access to invitation-only G.T. Thomas magic that is about to launch online

I know Saturday nights fill up fast, but I soooo hope you can make it! Please feel free to bring friends, too! But you do need to let me know if you are coming by RSVP’ing at the event page on Facebook, here or sending an email with “Theater of Mirrors RSVP” in the subject line to gwen [at] gtthomas (dot) com. Thanks!!