GIG Theater of Mirrors (Pre-) Release, 15 November, 2014

 “Theater of Mirrors” was a huge success! Not only was this the pre-release (for a local audience) of the new single, produced by Michael Leonhart, but this was also the launch party for my Kickstarter Campaign. Because of the connection with the campaign, I’ve written an extensive review of the event, including fantastic photos, a play-by-play of what happened at this wild event, and video of the performance over at the campaign’s update pages, here. I apologize that this blog post is coming up 1.5 week after the event – I’ve been busy recovering and paving the way for *things to coooome!*

 For posterity, I’d like to mention the program at the event was as-follows:

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Encounters, pt.3

I received the coolest email from one of my readers about last week’s musings on “changing the conversation.” I’d like to share something she said:

“Sound has impact- is quite literally impact- energy moving matter around. I believe that changing my words/tone/intentionality, changes the essence of me. What resources I fostered, what I put in my heart, including the sound of my own words, is revealed by what comes out of me, so it’s kind of cyclically causal, you know?”

I just thought that was cool food for thought. If either of my last 2 emails got away from you, you can still read them here (pt 1) and here (pt2). Now it’s time for part 3!

Today I’ve got a BIG announcement for you.

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