LYRICS: “Iron in the Ground” by G.T. Thomas

Many people don’t want ideas in their head.
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On Being Sick : The Philosophical Shift

This blog is an extension of an email I sent to my mailing list on 3 August, 2015. In the email I explained the impact that dealing with chronic pain and migraines has had on my creative output this year. So, just a heads-up, if you’re only reading this part, it may seem a little mid-thought jumping in here… to avoid such lapses in the future, maybe you’d like to sign up for my emails? Click here to do so.

     There are people who have it FAR worse than I do. For one thing, I really don’t have reason to believe that my current health condition is going to be permanent, but meanwhile there are many who suffer in ways that they’ll never be alleviated or cured from. Yet even from my micro-version of “being sick for too long a period of time,” I’ve been confronted with many questions about what it means to have “value” and “worth,” especially given the way our society is currently constructed. And I think maybe I owe it to everyone worse off to get these thoughts on the table.

The messaging being hammered home ever since the first blow to my health in January 2014, is that ours is a society for the robust, not the frail. The robust are rewarded, and their reward justifies their existence. I am not robust right now. I am frail. Therefore, our society is not for me, and my existence receives no justification by our society.

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