What is a “Postcard From Your Mind”?

“Ease your head, play cool in a patio chair. Try to design a postcard from your mind.

This is a line from a rare Steely Dan demo that has stuck with me for years. That one line turned into a whole thought-exercise for me:

The mind is where we think… what is the land of thought like?

What is the flora and fauna there?

What is the climate like?

What sounds come from this place?

Who lives there?

After I’ve designed the postcard from my mind… how on earth would I send it? Who would I send it to? How could I ever know if it was received?

… This exercise developed into something I’ve grown deeply passionate about.

Can I talk about the annoying, buzzed-up word “passion” for a sec? Continue reading


Encounters, pt.3

I received the coolest email from one of my readers about last week’s musings on “changing the conversation.” I’d like to share something she said:

“Sound has impact- is quite literally impact- energy moving matter around. I believe that changing my words/tone/intentionality, changes the essence of me. What resources I fostered, what I put in my heart, including the sound of my own words, is revealed by what comes out of me, so it’s kind of cyclically causal, you know?”

I just thought that was cool food for thought. If either of my last 2 emails got away from you, you can still read them here (pt 1) and here (pt2). Now it’s time for part 3!

Today I’ve got a BIG announcement for you.

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Encounters, pt.2

In the first part of this weekly mini-series (which you can still find, here), I revealed my current obsession with finding more interesting, transformative ways for people to access/ come into contact with the art they consume. I’ll get into what that might specifically look like, with relation to my music, in next week’s email!

Meanwhile, I promised some inspiration from Mad Men’s Don Draper:

'Hurry up with my damn croissants.' ~ Don Draper

    Wait… no!
That’s not right! Let’s try again:

'If you dont' like what is being said, change the conversation.' ~ Don Draper Continue reading

Get the Password for Protected Posts from G.T. Thomas!

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of my blog posts are password protected. These posts are only shared with those individuals who are invested in seeing the creative process I document on this blog make that magical transformation from “concept” to “reality.”

If you’d like to become one of these people, coming along on this weird and beautiful adventure with me, drop an email to me at gtthomasmusic (a t) gmail [d o t] com with subject line “BLOG PASSWORD REQUEST” – then I’ll add you to my mailing list and send you the password as my thanks for signing up!

Hope you’ll get on board. Thanks!

Encounters, pt.1

"Click=Yawn" comicHere’s the thing: If all I have to do to hear a new song is click a button on my computer, then listening to music is basically just like every other activity in my daily life. But as an art-lover, not only do I want the songs I listen to to delight and entertain me, I also want the process of how I access those songs to be equally as artful and entertaining. Dare I say… even a MAGICAL and TRANSFORMATIVE activity?

I think know this is not an unrealistic wish.

But the “clickety-clicks” aren’t cutting it for me.
We’ve become a bit complacent about the format art reaches us in. It’s easy to understand why: Distributers deliver us art by whatever means has the biggest returns. This typically involves whatever is easiest to mass-produce. And without having the time, energy, creativity, drive…
"Definition of Gumption" image
… to think up anything better, it’s pretty natural to settle for whatever’s easiest for them to provide for us. One unfortunate side-effect, though, is if we mindlessly assume that what we’re getting is “as good as it gets” and our expectations become needlessly lowered.
Let’s take a quick step back… Recently, I went to an exhibit in Rotterdam’s Boijman Museum, called “Road to Van Eyck,” where I saw this beauty: Continue reading