About G.T. Thomas

You’ve just discovered that your trusty life sound-track has a B-side…

And G.T. Thomas has been there, patiently awaiting you, on the flip side to everything you’ve known about great pop music.
In her songs, behind the palpable influence of Donald Fagen’s complex harmonies, The Free Design’s psychedelic vocals, and the adventurous constructs of Bacharach & David, you’ll detect G.T. Thomas’ guiding forces at the wheel:

“I trust resonance, prefer sincerity, value legacy & dabble in shamelessness.”

The resulting pop songs smack of something just a little bizarre. Is it her bafflingly logical approach to the absurd? Her real, real love of fake, fake-jazz?… You’ll hear orchestrated, breezy-listening on her 2011 album “The Luckless Pedestrian Years” (Smoking Ant Records), synth-pop on her 2012 EP “Songs Inspired by JG Ballard,” and an exotica persuasion, vocal arranging from outer-space & trippy, soulful production by Grammy-winner Michael Leonhart (collaborator with Steely Dan, Plastic Ono Band, David Byrne & St. Vincent) on her new material (due mid-2014). The thread tying it all together? Her ability to create deceptively easy-going, feel-good pop songs out of intellectual & complicated progressions, lyrics, structures, and harmonies.
Pursuing musical resonances with like-mindies the world-over has resulted in collaborations (commercial and non-) for TV, records, film & stage with award winning artists such as Chris Dedrick (of The Free Design), Fleet Foxes, Berend Dubbe (of Bettie Serveert, Bauer), Benny Sings, and The Metropole Orchestra. Gwen “G.T.” Thomas (b. 1982) is from Seattle, USA but dwells in Amsterdam, Holland, where she works as a professional producer, singer & composer for-hire.


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