What is a “Postcard From Your Mind”?

“Ease your head, play cool in a patio chair. Try to design a postcard from your mind.

This is a line from a rare Steely Dan demo that has stuck with me for years. That one line turned into a whole thought-exercise for me:

The mind is where we think… what is the land of thought like?

What is the flora and fauna there?

What is the climate like?

What sounds come from this place?

Who lives there?

After I’ve designed the postcard from my mind… how on earth would I send it? Who would I send it to? How could I ever know if it was received?

… This exercise developed into something I’ve grown deeply passionate about.

Can I talk about the annoying, buzzed-up word “passion” for a sec? It comes from the word “passio,” meaning suffering or enduring. You’d never know from the vacant, lighthearted way advertisers throw the word around nowadays, but to find your true passion requires looking for the place you’ve felt the most suffering… suffering that has been a poignant and personal part of your own story. Think of an area you wish had been or could be different, in order to lessen pain for yourself and others. An area where you feel uniquely equipped to help.

My passion about the “postcard from your mind” is not exempt from this pain. Today, we’re always “plugged in and switched on,” so we devote less and less time to letting our mind’s drift… I mean, when’s the last time you had a “notification free” half-hour break in the middle of the day, during which you allowed yourself a visit to the psychedelic island of your mind? Can you imagine that space right now? That space is always worth a visit, and yet we make the trip less and less and find it more and more difficult to make it… It pains me to see this happening to us all. And over the last few years I began to feel called to help.

Once per week for 8 weeks, my new “Interactive Music Adventure Capsules” will help you switch off in short, 4-5 minute installments, and enable you to drift away to this place. At first you may think of me as a little birdie in your mind trying to send you a postcard to come and visit. But as the 8 weeks unfold, you will realize the designing of the postcard comes from within yourself, both in a figurative AND literal way (there are built in interactive elements to help you literally design the end-product).

Take a closer look at the crystal-clear overview of the journey I am inviting you to go on!

Click here if you don't see the image preview

    This project is relying on enough pre-orders coming in before 14 December in order to get made. Please CLICK HERE to support its creation!

There are enticing rewards at each pledge level, from €1 up. Pre-ordering the actual product described at the link above at €60 is a great way to boost the campaign forward. Higher-end pledges give you the opportunity to make possible SPECIFIC needs of the project (supplies, services). This would be the most significant way you can help me! And I’m now accepting business partners and/or sponsors from pledges €450 and higher.

A note for potential partners/ sponsors: what all is included in exchange for that price is negotiable! It would include things like: name incorporation in our decoder booklet (the project’s “liner notes,” of sorts), on the website, an in-store show, copies of the capsules for re-sale, etc… But it all needs to be discussed and confirmed in writing prior to the campaign’s end on 14 December. So if you or anyone you know is interested, please get in touch today so we can get this campaign built up a little bit more! You can reach me at gwen [ at] gtthomas [ dot] com.

Just follow this link:


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